About Us

Turtle Publishing provides a specialist independent self-publishing partnership, finding and securing the right method of publishing to suit your, your book and your budget.

At Turtle Publishing we believe in the strength of collaboration and have created a system that caters the publishing process to your needs. We guide and support our authors, ensuring that they can access and utilise the variety of opportunities available, to create an affordable physical product.

Kathy Shanks

Turtle Publishing was founded in 2020 by self-employed designer and happily married mother of two, Kathy Shanks. She’d been helping many with their book dreams through Turtle Creative projects and with the aim of providing a one-stop, cost-effective, independent self-publishing service for emerging and undiscovered Australian authors, Turtle Publishing began.

With 20 years of design experience and having created her own journal in 2019, where she subsequently believes that the ‘universe started throwing books at her’, Kathy is passionate about creating designs that convey the right emotion and ‘vibe’ to the right audience and specialises in budget friendly publishing solutions.

Kathy has produced a number of books for many authors as well as co-ordinating group journaling products, in addition to creating an exclusive agency that assists writers and connects them to the market to sell more books.​

Having extensive industry experience, working with a variety of industry professionals including, writers, other designers, editors, marketers and distributors, together with her passion and drive to assist undiscovered Australian talent to navigate through the self-publishing process, Kathy, has created a unique and professional service.

From publishing services that help create the book that you envision and marketing tools that bring together the essentials of a successful book marketing campaign, to book selling services that complete your publishing needs Turtle Publishing supports your dreams of literary success from start to finish.

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