Do you want to gain more clarity this year?

Would you like to feel more calm, centred and organised? Do you want to work through your goals all year and not just write them at the beginning and review them at the end? Wouldn’t it be good to discover best practices that work for your life and put them into practice through the whole year?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, keep reading.

This new year, we have created our first Journal of the Month Club – a monthly subscription – that includes a different Journal for each and every month. You can start your subscription from TODAY and you will enjoy a newly designed journal every month for only $29.95/month… and the great news is that there will be no lock-in contract on this. You’ve read correctly: You can unsubscribe whenever you prefer!

Join the Journal of the Month Club NOW!

Journal of the Month Club
Also, if you order by the 10th of January 2021, you’ll receive a FREE Vision Board Guide sheetjust in time to start planning your 2023.

By joining the Club, you will receive a Journal with new prompts at the beginning of each month, starting February 2023. Each journal is a new design and will have a different theme associated with it.

This is only a sneak peek of what you’ll be receiving: 

  • February – Aiming and Claiming, Goal focused
  • March – Manifesting and creating vision
  • April – Health and Fitness
  • May – Gratitude and Letting Go
  • June – Kindness and Self Love

Each month you will have the opportunity to journal about different aspects in your life that will help you create a better way of thinking, a better way of acting and, in the end, your happy way of living.

REMEMBER: You need to make sure you order before the 20th of the previous month to receive your new journal on time!

A successful journaling routine builds strong daily habits, improves your mindset and allows you to become more conscious of your future, whilst embracing the joy of the present.

We know that journaling will be an amazing tool to start your next year with the right foot. You will create a new daily routine that will help you build and achieve the dreams and goals you’ve set before you. You can build the life of your dreams.

Please note illustrations are examples only, each month will bring the joy of a NEWLY designed journal!

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