Overcome & Succeed with Gratitude


How do you find gratitude when life isn’t perfect?

It can be extremely tough to find gratitude within yourself when you’re facing challenges. When obstacles loom so large that they cast dark shadows on everything around you, it can be challenging to see the light of gratitude.

The thing is, that’s when it matters the most.

Discover your inner peace, happiness and self-acceptance with these powerful stories and guided journal strategies.

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In this book, ten amazing women share their inspiring stories of conquering life’s battles. In this book, ten amazing women share their inspiring stories of conquering life’s battles. They touch on life challenges such as:

  • Mental health
  • Family tragedy
  • Grief
  • Childhood trauma
  • Sexual assault
  • Internal struggles
  • Motherhood and family

The common thread that runs through them? Facing each twist and turn and navigating through it armed with an incredible spirit of true gratitude.

One important thing to recognise is that these women were all intentional in cultivating this spirit. After all, gratitude goes far beyond emotion—it is a skill. It’s not something that simply comes to you, but a practice to be worked on continuously.

For each of the authors in this book, gratitude journaling played a crucial role in overcoming the challenges they were dealt with and emerging on the other side all the better for it. Now, not only are they opening up about their experiences, but they are also sharing the valuable tools they’ve learned along the way.

Just like each person’s unique individual story, journaling is a deeply personal experience. You may find that a particular story or journaling method resonates with you and is the defining factor that allows you to shift your mindset to find true gratitude.

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