Farmer Green’s Santa’s Secret Sawmill

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How has Farmer Green been secretly helping Santa and his elves?


As the sun is slowly setting

and the day turns into night

The old abandoned sawmill

becomes a wondrous sight!

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This adorable and surprising story shares a little-known secret about how the kangaroo’s super special secret helps Santa and his elves.

The author, Leonie Featherstone was born and raised in the Outback of Australia. Leonie has a passion for The Outback and its wildlife, as well as inspiring children to activate their imaginations and unlock their creativity. The Farmer Green series is a combination of both!

Stewart, or Farmer Green as she calls him, is the other half of her heart and her ‘rock’! Farmer Green is a Grazier and Farmer and therefore has a solid understanding of the ‘sowing and reaping’ principles and all the challenges that go with that, so he is very good at ‘grounding’ her!

Life on the land is a constant challenge requiring persistence and strength of character. In an industry where too much or too little rain at the wrong time has destroyed many a Farmer’s dreams, Farmer Green has prevailed. By quietly planning, working tirelessly and adjusting according to whatever nature and other elements throw at him, he continues on his chosen course because he has a ‘dream’ of what he wants to achieve!

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