Do I need someone to write a book for me?

Do I need someone to write a book for me?

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard, “I want to write a book.” It’s certainly something many aspire to do, but aren’t too sure where to start. If you’d like to write a book, have a lot of ideas and plans, but are not too sure how to turn it into a cohesive book, then a ghostwriter or book coach could be the answer.

What’s the difference between a ghostwriter and a coach?

A ghostwriter is a person who will write your book for you. You can choose to give them as much, or as little direction as you like. They are professional, seasoned writers, and you can work with them to create the book you’re struggling to write. A writing coach will work with you with all the parts of the writing process to ensure you reach your writing potential.

What are the benefits of hiring a ghostwriter…

1 You will actually get it done!

This is the most significant benefit. When you hire a writer, it’s their job to get it done in the agreed timeframe. I’ve worked with a few authors now who’ve been working on a book for a long time, and we’ve finally managed to finish the process with the help of a ghostwriter.

2 You can focus on the content

For some of us, we know what we want to say; we’re just not sure on the best way to say it. A ghostwriter can take your ideas and really bring them to life. You know what you want to say; they know how to write it. It’s a win-win in my book.

3. It’ll be done faster

Two heads are always better than one! With you concentrating on content, and your writer concentrating on the words, you can really get the job done very quickly and be published in no time.

4 Perhaps they can say it better

For me, this is the biggest advantage. I’ve written some of my own books, but I know I’m not a ‘great’ with the words. I know others can make my ideas more comprehensive, easier to follow and more entertaining. I like to let the writer do what they do best.

Why should you hire a ghostwriter to write a book for you?

1 You’re not sure how to say it

You have a story and/or information to share that you know will be interesting, but you know you’re not a writer and would really struggle with writing it. I believe it’s important to stick to our strengths and find others to help us in areas we are lacking. Do your part of the process well, and let a writer bring the book to life.

2 You don’t have the time

This is very common and the reason many don’t ever get around to writing their book. Creating a book, no matter how you do it, it will take up some of your time. However, it’s a lot less overwhelming when you have professionals along the way to share the burden.

How to hire a ghostwriter

Let us help you! We have many writers on hand and we find one to suit you. It’s a lot more affordable than you think, and we keep working on the book until you’re happy. Book a 30 minute free consult with us, and let’s see how we can help your book dream come true.

Turtle Publishing was founded in 2020 by self-employed designer and happily married mother of two, Kathy Shanks. With 20 years of design experience and having created her own journal in 2019, where she subsequently believes that the ‘universe started throwing books at her’, Kathy is passionate about creating designs that convey the right emotion and ‘vibe’ to the right audience and specialises in budget friendly publishing solutions.

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