Book Launch Strategy & Why it Matters!

Book Launch Strategy & Why it Matters!

  • How can a book launch strategy set you up for long term success?
  • What are long term benefits of a good book launch?
  • Will being a best-seller create long-term success?

Whether you’re an aspiring author, or have already published your book, getting your book launched on Amazon is just the first step towards success. In a market saturated with options, having a rock-solid book launch strategy can be the key to unlocking your book’s potential and reaching a wider audience. 

Common mistake!

Putting your book on Amazon and expecting it to sell without a proper book launch strategy is a common mistake many authors make. If you want to see success and generate sales, mastering your book launch and marketing approach is essential. It requires careful planning, strategy, and patience to get your book in front of the right audience at the right time.

I’d like to share a story of one of my clients. This individual, a renowned expert in her field, had created a captivating book that resonated deeply with her clients and captivated audiences during her keynote speaking engagements. However, when it came to translating the in-person success to the digital world of Amazon, the sales seemed to hit a roadblock – in fact the sales figures were zero. Together we worked on a comprehensive re-launch strategy with optimisation techniques. The book finally began making worldwide sales on Amazon. Today, this individual reaps the benefits of a steady flow of 3-5 daily book sales on Amazon. 

Why is a launch strategy important? 

  • Visibility: A well-executed launch strategy helps your book gain visibility on Amazon and other platforms. It increases the chances of your book appearing in relevant search results and attracting potential readers.
  • Momentum: A successful launch creates momentum for your book, making it more appealing to readers and increasing the likelihood of positive reviews and word-of-mouth recommendations.
  • Algorithmic Favour: By implementing effective marketing tactics during your launch, you can establish a positive relationship with Amazon’s algorithm. This can lead to your book being recommended to potential buyers more frequently.
  • Organic Sales: A strong launch can lead to organic sales even after your initial marketing efforts have ended. Positive reviews, increased visibility, and word-of-mouth promotion can continue to drive sales long after the launch period.
  • Building an Audience: Launching your book with a well-planned strategy can help you build an audience of dedicated fans and potential future readers who will be eager to hear about your future releases.
  • Ranking: A successful launch can boost your book’s ranking in its category, making it more likely to appear in top lists and increasing its discoverability to a wider audience.
  • Long-Term Success: A well-executed launch sets the foundation for your book’s long-term success. By establishing a strong presence during the early stages, you position your book for ongoing sales and growth.

Simply put, it’s about teaching the Amazon algorithm to favour your book. By establishing a positive relationship with the algorithm, your book is more likely to appear in relevant search results, ultimately increasing organic reach. 

It’s a Marathon, not a sprint!

In the world of selling books on Amazon, I emphasise a marathon approach rather than a sprint. While achieving best-seller status on launch day through your warm market is enticing, our focus is on long-term success. I equip you with strategies that create lasting impact, nurturing your book’s presence over time to attract organic readership and foster a loyal audience. By building a strong relationship with the Amazon algorithm and optimising your book’s metadata, we set the stage for continuous growth and sustained success. Embracing the journey and maximising the long-term benefits of your book are our core principles to thrive in the ever-evolving landscape of Amazon’s marketplace.

Join one of our masterclasses to hear more about the power of optimising – or book a 20-minute free consult with us, and let’s see how we can help your book dreams come true!

Turtle Publishing was founded in 2020 by self-employed designer and happily married mother of two, Kathy Shanks. With 20 years of design experience and having created her own journal in 2019, where she subsequently believes that the ‘universe started throwing books at her’, Kathy is passionate about creating designs that convey the right emotion and ‘vibe’ to the right audience and specialises in budget friendly publishing solutions.

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